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Sorry, I can't continue reading it. I stopped after the jaccuzzi incident. Ok, gross. And lame. I mean, there's no plot, no background story, everything goes pretty fast. Gross. And lame. Again. I can't read this. 


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Wow. How can I write a review after reading this book? I can't find the words to describe it. But I'll give it a try.

Okay. This book caught my eye six months ago when I first saw its cover. THIS COVER I loved it. And the title. THIS TITLE It took my heart away. I had a feeling about this book. I was certain as I fell in love with the cover I would fall in love with the content. I guessed correctly.

I felt myself blessed when "We love YA BOOKS!" send me an email and informed about the ARR of Lacrimosa. I immediately signed up, I wouldn't lose my chance. So, thanks so much for sending me this copy. T

Then I start reading.

I must put everything into order though; I'll start from the writing and the characters.

THE WRITING: Breathtaking. This is the right word. We have a fast-paced novel, simple sentences with correct punctuation. It was the ideal way of making me nervous about the next pages. What is more, this book didn't have many descriptions of places, moments,thoughts etc. which I really liked it. I'm not the person who loves complicated and long descriptions. All in all, the writing was clear, justified, simple and as I sad before BREATHTAKING

THE CHARACTERS: Completed. Emotional. Written and formed with compassion and love. Christine Fonseca created angels with emotions , feelings and passion. Nesayiel and Aydan were conflicted about their duty and about their feeling for each other. Zane and Cass , are true friends and believe in Nesayiel's choices. Azza's a cunning and cruel master, but behind all these I think he had been through a lot. Mikayel suffered from the loss of his lover. Every angel have to deal with human feelings whether they like it or not and that's the reason I felt so familiar with them and shared their dilemmas.

Ok, let's continue.

THE ATMOSPHERE : Charged with feelings. Emotional. Depressing and desperate. From the beggining 'till the end I felt that there's was no coming back. Whatever happens and will happen won't change. I felt drawn to Aydan's and Nesayiel's inner world. I acked ith them, cried with them, got angry with them. For three days, as long as I was reading this book, I was living in their world.

THE PLOT : Simple but full of surprises. Fonsenca has this ability to create a basic story full of action and suspence and in the end wih new surprises. Basically, I loved the action and I was caught off guard countless times. Everything is about Nesayiel's and Aydan's love but that doesn't mean we don't have flashblacks or other stories. And by the way, the flashblacks were what the reader needed to understand their past (meaninf Nesayiel's and Aydan's ) and their present.

MY THOUGHTS : Εxcept of the former, I have to say the most captivating thing about this book, was the strong writing ability of Fonseca. Pictures, voices and feelings crashed my soul and my head as I reading it and I mean it. Sometimes, I wanted to crash my laptop! I was shouting and crying and felt nervous all the freaking time. This book's style is my favorite, I adored it! Christine Fonseca I love you!!!! Keep writing I need more work from you!!! You are seriously one of my favorite authors of YA , keep it up!

I strongly recommend it. I can't say anything else, I'm out of words.

P.S: Zane's in love with her, I knew it all the time. I want to see them together in the sequel! Give me a scene when they're kissing!

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William Honor is a person with a sad but dangerous past; his ex-wife had control over him and broke up with him for money twice. Now, he finds Emma, a girl without parents, shattered dreams about her future, an aunt who doesn't care about her (only her boyfriends), insecure and a little depressed. Emma wants desperately to get away of all these, to have the attention she wanted all her life, to find a person who can get all his attention to her even if he's being cruel and possessive. William is this person. I think they're meant to be together, they want to get away from their past and find someone who can depend their lives on. William , after his ex-wife has trust and controlling issues, he doesn't want to be hurt again this way. This is the reason about his wild and sadistic-mazhocistic sex life. Emma from the other hand, thinks she deserves to be punished and have a man like him. They both have matters and insecurities and again, that's the reason they're a match made in heaven (well, not in heaven exactly, but anyway....LOL!).

 I'm disappointed to say that the version I got was poorly edited, with many grammar and structure mistakes. This story is very fast and I confess I don't like "fast erotic stories". Also, the description of the playroom and the sextoys was poor, we needed a little more here! I give two stars about this book, mainly for the edition and the mistakes and about the storyline, too. It didn't impressed me, the sex scenes were ok but I believe this book lucks of a dynamic discription and well-formed characters.

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The funny thing about this book was that I actually started fell in love with it after Pressina's curse for her daughters. Before that, I was like "Ok, a good story about fairies, not impressed." But, this is a promising book with a more promising ending. Actually, the ending was unfinished. This way, I really want to read the sequel; I'm curious for what happens next.
First of all, thanks to "Lovers of Paranormal- read2review it programme" for sending me this ebook. Garrett created a magical novel, with vivid and beautiful pictures,a capturing narration and interesting characters. As a matter of fact, it reminded me of a fairytale. I'll read it to my little sister and to my children! It's the ideal book for a light afternoon reading. I enjoyed Melia, Melusine and Plantine and of course Ohloh , the prince on the white horse:) Elynus and Pressina were the tragic figures of the story. A love condemmed to die.
What is more, I believe we have a lot to see from this series , I expect a thrilling sequel! This reading put me back in my childhood , when I thought everything was made from fairydust;) Thanks for this fascinating trip Heidi Garrett!

P.S: I told you I'm expecting an exciting sequel! I want to live inside a fairytale again..!

Finished it...!!! my review will be posted afterwards! :)

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So, three stars. This book was interesting but I think the sequel will be much much more promising and thrilling.
For starters, thanks "Lovers of paranormal- read2review it programme" for sending me this e-book copy.
So,here we are, with a twist in the classic Antichrist-Devil's son thing, an idea with its pros and cons. Nathan is a sixteen-year old teenager, having no idea that he's the Antichrist. But, this Antichrist isn't the heartless, cunning, killer , Satan's son, who'll lead the humankind in the end. This Antichrist is the Uniter (according to the book) , the one and truly savior for humanity. So, Nathan tries to understand his new powers and his fate. His best friends Shayla and Cheeseman are his protectors (or keepers) who love him and take care of him. Mr. Jerico (his real dad) is a keeper too, who I think is a leading character in the story.
The setting and the story were well-formed , the characters funny and smart and the writing simple. This book wasn't boring but it didn't thrilled me so much. Maybe it was too YA for my taste. The plot was very simple and I believe the story was flat. But, I think the next books will be a surprise. We will watch Nathan transforms into the true Antichrist and maybe the apocalypse (?) . This twist in the infamous Antichrist's story was something new but I hoped for some religious stuff and info. In my opinion, when your story is about religion , you should keep it in this line.
I'll read the next books and I have a feeling I'll rate them with 4 or 5 stars. I need to see a more complicated plot and mysterious characters, not a bunch of kids in highschool.

P.S: Moving in another state was the best ending for this book. Now, the tue story begins!

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All-time favorite:) Enjoy:D

A bunch of thanks to "Shut up and Read- Read and Rape it programme" for sending me "Revamp"!!! Hoping for a sequel;)


Currently reading it....! Got an e-book copy from "Lovers of paranormal-read2review it programme" review coming soon!



Thanks the "Shut up and Read-Read it and Rape it programme" for sending me a copy of this book. I'm not the person who yearns for vampires ; actually it's very difficult for me to be impressed by a vampire novel. However, this book caught my eye from the first pages. I gave it five clear stars, everything was perfect. And I mean it. Fast-paced, full of action, sarcasm and a bit romance, "Revamp" is a horror novel which you shall never forget.
For starters, Emma, the heroine , reminded me of myself. Sometimes, I felt like Emma was my twin sister or something! She was strong-minded, stubborn, conscious and caring. She did anything in her power to save Charlie and she made it! Where there's a will, there's a way. She was a fighter and initially she became the hunter everyone wished to be.
Cooper, (oh my love!) had been through hell and never complained about anything. He found Emma and saved her and I'm pretty sure he fell in love with her, the first time he laid eyes on her. He was determined and tried to save everyone when Scott (the leader of the group) was not around. He always supported Emma, ALWAYS no matter what and protected her.
Now, Scott ( it was a pity to see his son a vampire and his wife dead), Mary (Scott's wife and a religious lunatic- I don't blame her after what she'd been through), Sammy ( so sweet!) Charlie and Seven (thank god they were together at last!), Topps ( a lonely cowboy!), Schizo and Buggs ( schizo-what a name!) and Rudy ( he was AWESOME!), all of them had their good and their bad moments. All of them had lost someone but they found the courage to go on and forget the past.
What is more, I loved the "flashbacks". This way, we learned a lot about their lives before the "revamp". One thing I loved about this book was that it was actually a "book-movie". The author, made a book full of adventure and thriller and at times it looked like watching a horror movie. The flashbacks helped a lot. I confess I was peeping to my mirror to see if anyone was starring at me! The adrenaline was hightened!
Leech and Mabon ( I knew Leech was hiding something from the beggining and Mabon was a psycho) were the bad guys. I was so pleased when Emma staked Mabon ( I was like: Who's the boss now uh?) but I liked Leech, his style and his type were cool.
The most thrilling and the the thing why this novel is one of my favorites is the fact that it's a completed book. It starts , is has a strong story and a compelling writing and it ends (with a cunning way.) We watch the story of a girl ,who tries to survive in an undead world, and her dreams for the future. The dreams of all of her friends .
So, I'm asking Sherman if we have a sequel???? Please, please I'm begging you, I'm falling to my knees ( well not literally but who knows?) I need need need a second book! I need to see Emma and Cooper together! Where is Leech? Will the vampire race die from starvation? What happens next? But , I know, maybe this is one of the magic this book helds. Maybe, we-the readers- should imagine what happens next. Just start thinking for a second book! The ending was promising!

If you'd like a change and want to read something thrilling and fascinating , read "Revamp." I'm sure it'll capture your soul. It's the best choice if you want to get away from the all-known YA novels!

P.S: Cooper is my soulmate (hohohohoh and Emma's my twin sister)!        

P.S 2: Don't judge it by its cover!

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P.S:I looooooved it!! 


After I finish the Vampire Academy series (i'm still on blood promise btw) by Richelle Mead, I wish to read the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and :

also by Cassandra Clare!!! In 2013, the movie's out so I really need to finish them!!!!!


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E dimmi come stai e nei tuoi giorni cosa fai;
parlare è facile sotto questa finta luna....
Ed io ti ascolterò e se cadrai ti prenderò:
sei meno fragile dentro questa notte scura..... <3


(translation to english.. )

now tell me how you feel and what you do in your days...
speaking is easy under this fake moon....
I will listen to you and if you ever fall I'll catch you....
you are less frail in this dark night.....:)


I sooo want to learn italian..!!!!

 (Note- how I review a book:
-1 star: I don't recommend it, boring , without interest, maybe I didn't even finish it.
-2 stars: Hot and cold, I kinda liked it , I finished just to see the ending.

-3 stars: It was ok, 'till something alter my opinion to the worst.
-4 stars: Very interesting book, liked the plot and the characters, caught my breath, really liked it, I gave it 4 stars because I missed this "something" that would make it my favorite book. (or one of my favorites.)



This book kept me on edge.! I was so sad about Puck , when he shouted at Ash about Meghan, and in this particular moment I understood that maybe Puck loves her truly! And Ash..... such a tortured soul! I mean, he thought that Ariella was dead- she won't! He made all this way to the End of the World for Meghan, he gave up he's ice- fairy nature for her , to earn a soul! Wow! I really need a fifth book! Is Ash really a human? Or he's immortal and can handle glamour as well as before he gave up his true nature? What about Puck? Will he ever be peaceful and forgive hiself for waiting so long? What favor will Grimalkin collect from Ash? So many questions! So many feelings! I love this series so much! I was crying before I realized it in the ending..! Omigod these words:"Where have you come from , traveler?"
"I have come from the End of the World," said a quiet voice that made my heart stop beating. "From the River of Dreams, through the gauntlet and the Briars and the Deep Wyld, in order to stand before you today. I have but one request, to take my place at your side. To resume my duty as your knight, and to protect you and your kingdom for as long as I draw breath." He raised his head and pushed back the hood, and a gasp went around the throne room." I am still yours my queen," Ash said , looking me straight in the eye." If you'll have me."

How can you forget such words? And of course Grimalkin.. The last scene, it was the perfect ending scene! Thanks Julie Kagawa for this amazing fairy trip! Keep writing!

P.S: Think about a fifth book from the side of Meghan this time. Or from Puck's. I would enjoy it, just like the others!You know how to create sceneries and characters that will break our hearts ! You know how a book can take your breath away from the first sentence! Thank you.!

Everybody must read this series! Vivid pictures, great narration, so much history, characters who changes through years; are what complete these books. It's a series that gets better with each book!
Full of adventure, humour and emotions ,the "Iron fey" is a true fairytale which will capture your soul and mind!

I was sent a couple hours ago, an e-book copy of http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15830512-nandana-s-mark and http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15781230-antichrist-16 (thank goodreads read2review it and read and rape it)! I think I'll be stuck in front of my laptop screen this week! Review to come!

Guys, my blog's new and it's still "unfinished" please be patient and pay me everyday visits!!

(Note- how I review a book:
-1 star: I don't recommend it, boring , without interest, maybe I didn't even finish it.

-2 stars: Hot and cold, I kinda liked it , I finished just to see the ending.
-3 stars: It was ok, 'till something alter my opinion to the worst.
-4 stars: Very interesting book, liked the plot and the characters, caught my breath, really liked it, I gave it 4 stars because I missed this "something" that would make it my favorite book. (or one of my favorites.)


5 stars!!!!!!


Oh my god. And again. Oh my god. Stephenie did her best and the result was this book.  I enjoyed the others also, but this book..! Was UNBELIEVABLE! It kept me on edge and I finally saw Edward's real character.! At first I was so sad about Jacob , he was through a lot of pain, but I realised that his imprint saved him for good.! How caring was he with Renesmee! And Renesmee , so cute and adorable.! Basically , I loved and I mean I ADORED Bellas's first impressions as a newborn- the descriptions were just perfect! I enjoyed Jacob's side too ! Well, I was thinking that this series would be more interesting if each book was told from a different angle.! I mean the first one , from Edward's angle, the second one from Bella's, the third one from Jacob's etc.!
It was en epic finale .! Thank you Stephenie for this amazing fantasy trip..!

A story full of twists and emotions, great character bulding, dynamic narration, it kept me on edge! basically, it took my breath away!
thanks to a goodreads group, I recieved one of the last copies of these book! I'm currently reading it and I'm devouring every page! Gosh it's perfect!

(Note- how I review a book:
-1 star: I don't recommend it, boring , without interest, maybe I didn't even finish it.
-2 stars: Hot and cold, I kinda liked it , I finished just to see the ending.
-3 stars: It was ok, 'till something alter my opinion to the worst.
-4 stars: Very interesting book, liked the plot and the characters, caught my breath, really liked it, I gave it 4 stars because I missed this "something" that would make it my favorite book. (or one of my favorites.)

3 stars and I don't regret it!

Read also my review in goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/272268557

Well, I must say I don't know if I should read Rapture. I mean, I hoped this book was a 5-stars-reading but I guess I was wrong. First of all, the things I liked:
a) The book was like a historical movie. Luce's journey to the past was the thing that kept me reading this book and not tossing it away. I learned Luce's and Daniel's characters in a different way and I understood the meaning of their love. Questions like: "Is Daniel really in love with her?" "What's wrong about their cursed love?" were solved and I totally appreciated that! I think this book solved many questions than giving us something new.
b) I was stunned by the real reason of Cam's turning to dark side. I felt sorry for him and I really hope he'll find his soulmate in the last book.
c) Again, Lauren's writing was fascinating. She created beautiful sceneries and interesting stories. Luce's past lives kept me on edge.
 The things I didn't like at all:
a) Everything was good, until Bill turned out to be the Devil. I mean, seriously? Of all the things he could be, you chose the Devil? I was so disappointed and my whole opinion changed about this book after this revelation. I just don't think it "fits" this book a war between Hell and Paradise.  I think it's "lame" watching a story about a boy and a girl turning out to be a battle between God and Lucifer. I don't how else to put it. I am so sad; I really had high hopes about this one.
b) The ending was the top of the iceberg. I didn't fancy it , at all. It was just like i said before: "lame" and "random".

I'm going to read the final book because I must finish what I started. I really hope (from the depts of my soul) the finale would be what the book needs. This series deserves an epic finale.